One of ReVive’s most popular health solutions is the Monthly Massage membership.

Your Monthly Massage is committed to being the massage therapy clinic of choice and will strive to be recognized for exemplary clinical treatments. This is accomplished through high quality post-graduate continuing education aimed at deepening the knowledge and improving the clinical skills and performance of our massage therapy team.

Our therapists understand the science behind soft tissue manipulation, and not just the technique. Understanding the fundamental principles behind technique application, and how the soft tissue techniques actually work, is what separates our therapy team from all the rest.

This advanced level of comprehension removes the need for “recipe-based" treatment and technique memorization. Our therapists will customize the treatment to meet your needs with smooth transitions from one soft tissue technique to the next using a principles-based approach.

Massage Therapy

Member Rates (plus applicable HST)
60-min $69

Regular Rates (plus applicable HST)
30-min $65
45-min $80
60-min $95
90-min $130